Rector's Update: A Prayer for Afghanistan

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  • August 22, 2021

In the wake of the Taliban taking control over Afghanistan, the world is on edge, fearful of what this could mean or lead to. But no one is more fearful than those in Afghanistan unable to depart the country. Those who have converted from Islam to Christianity in Afghanistan now face the fear of persecution and death at the hands of the Taliban. Many need our prayers right now.

A Prayer for Afghanistan

Lord, we lift up the people of Afghanistan to you. We pray that you would take hold of them and help them walk through this fearful time. Lord, we pray for men, women, and children whose lives have drastically changed. Protect and comfort them with the peace that only comes from your powerful presence.

Lord, we lift up our leaders, both here and abroad, who are tasked with making difficult and quick decisions. Give them the clarity to approach each decision with your wisdom and care.

Lord, we lift up the military troops that are in or are being deployed to Afghanistan. We pray for their protection as they serve and protect others.  Guide them as they attempt to evacuate people to safety.

Lord, we pray for the missionaries serving in Afghanistan.  We thank you for the brave men and women who have left home to minister and serve the people of Afghanistan.  We pray that you would not only protect them but that you would do amazing things through them in the midst of this. Help them to be a light in the darkness for you – to spread your comfort, peace, and assurance to those who are afraid. Let their witness spread to everyone around them. And if need be, give them the courage and strength to defend your name under persecution.

Lord, even when it doesn’t make sense to our earthly selves, you call us to pray for those who persecute (Matthew 5:44). We lift up the Taliban to you today. We pray that your Holy Spirit would work in them and soften their hearts. All this we ask through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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