St. James' Disaster Resilience and Climate Action Committee

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  • August 21, 2023

Dr. Lucy Jones’ sermon last Sunday highlighted the connection between our commitment to one another, and work on disaster resilience and climate protection. For some, this is tied to our caretaking purpose as Episcopalians. For others, this may be tied to our commitment to protecting the environment and our local community    

Under Dr. Jones’ leadership, implementation of the Climate Connections for Faith-Based Communities Programs is occurring at dioceses across Southern California. These parishes are interested in both building capacity to prepare for disasters and reducing climate impacts. At St. James, a group of committed volunteers recently joined a Disaster Resilience and Climate Action Committee to help tailor this programming to the needs of our St. James community.    

Our Committee needs your valuable input to inform our priorities for the coming year in both disaster resilience and climate protection. Our work will include providing educational outreach, volunteer opportunities, and improving our infrastructure for the parish to better respond to and support one another during an earthquake, wildfire or other disaster.      

Please click on the following link to take a survey to indicate your potential interest in a communications platform and to share your own priorities in this area.
We will also provide paper copies for members who would prefer to complete by hand.   Our Committee will be hosting a listening session in the fall to gather additional feedback. And finally, if you are interested in joining the Committee please contact Sara Jane in the church office at    


Lindsey Angelats and Katie Clark, on behalf of the Disaster Resilience and Climate Action Committee of St. James

St James’ will be sending a delegation to the September 16th Diocesan Climate Change Summit at St. Paul’s Commons. Contact one of the Climate Action Committee members at if you would like to join us.

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