Rising to the Challenge: Stewardship 2022

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  • October 18, 2021

Dear Friends,

Please read the letter posted below from Kevin Baaske, Chair of our Stewardship Committee. This is indeed a challenging year and we ask that you prayerfully consider your pledge to the ongoing ministry of St. James'.

Rev. Anne


Dear Friends,

I write to ask if you will make a commitment to St. James’ Church in the form of a pledge for 2022. If you have pledged previously, I ask that you pledge again. If you have not pledged before, I ask that you become a pledging member of our wonderful church.

Each year, we reach out to all members of the congregation to ask them to make such a commitment. If you listen to the words of our stewardship speakers and read the inserts in the Sunday Bulletin, you will know that pledging makes people feel better about themselves and their relationship to God.

This probably doesn’t surprise you. We know that the blessings we have come from God. When we commit to financially support St. James’, we signal that we recognize this and are grateful. Providing financial support to St. James’ also enables the church to continue its mission “to Learn, to Love, to Live the Word of God” and I know that you will feel good about contributing to that mission by making a pledge.

This year’s stewardship theme is “Rising to the Challenge: We Are All In This Together.” If we all make a commitment to St. James’ by pledging, I sincerely believe that we can overcome any difficulties we might face as a parish of Jesus Christ.

There are pledge cards in the pews and one will also be mailed to you. On Sunday, November 7, we will place our pledge cards on the altar as one community of faithful people. If you are unable to attend church that Sunday, just put your pledge card in the offertory plate as soon after the 7th as is convenient or mail it back to the Church.

Thank you for reading this letter. I pray that you will make a pledge and that God bless you and your loved ones.


Kevin Baaske, Chair
2022 Stewardship Committee

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