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As a part of our Rector transition process, the St. James' Parish Profile Committee has prepared a presentation outlining the history, vision, offerings, and hopes for our parish. Download the parish profile below.

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1.Our History
2.Who We Are Now
3.What Members Appreciate about St. James'
4.Worship, Ministries, Organizations, and Staff
5.Hopes for St. James' Future
6.Qualities Sought in a Rector
7.Financial Summary

About St. James'

Welcome to St. James’ Church, South Pasadena, in Southern California. We are an active, medium-sized parish in the suburbs of Los Angeles withmany ministries and educational programs.

We are a welcoming congregation who love each other and our worship life together. We value liturgy, music, the preaching of the Gospel, spirituality, and community. Our theology is grounded in the Holy Trinity, centered on our faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. We are committed to pursuing an authentic Christian life and witness in the 21st century.

True to our mission statement, we look forward to welcoming a new rector who will guide and support the congregation as we move forward together in learning, loving, and living the Word of God.

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