Please update the office about any name you place on the prayer list.
Names remain on the “short term” list 2-3 weeks unless we receive an update. Thank you.

Please pray for —

Those in leadership:

Presiding Bishop: Michael B. Curry
Diocesan Bishop: John H. Taylor
Suffragan Bishop: Diane Bruce
Rector: The Rev. Canon Anne Tumilty
Senior Associate: The Rev. Dr. Michelle Baker-Wright
Associate and Day School Chaplain: The Rev. Gethin Wied

Those on the Parish Prayer List:

Sue, James, Lisa, Justen, Lexi, Betty, John, Arlene, Annie, the Aalbers family, Esteria, Buzz, Janet, Jared, the Domenicucci family, Jennifer, Betsy, Evan and Pat.

We continue to hold in our prayers:

Bobbie, Patrick, Heidi, Jeff, Phil, Mary, Tom, Dick, Diana, Sevan, Irma, Nora, Melton, Helen, Mary Jane, Lee, Don, Grace, Amy, Doug, Carol, Richard, Judy, Carole, Sarah A., Jerry, David, Jeremiah, the Taylan family, Ann, Rick, Fred, Gary, Lisa, Kathryn, Kim, Catie, Colette, Rosalie, Darlene, John, Elissa, Steve, Patrick and Hebe.

Those serving in the military:

Especially Katherine Kidde, Patrick O’Hara, Gloria Esparza Camacho, Chris Torrell, and Nick Manzini.

Those living at:

Prospect Manor, The Atherton, Gooden Center, Hillsides Home for Children, and the Monte Cedro.

those who have died:

Jennifer Hazel Romero Lopez

Pray for:

The well-being of all people. Bring healing and peace to all who live in places of strife and violence. Pray for those held in captivity by ISIS. We pray for the unity of the Anglican Communion worldwide and the Episcopal Church in the United States.