Contemplative Worship

Sacramentum is a contemplative, candlelit Eucharist that blends ancient liturgy with new music, reflection, and prayer.

Sacramentum is held on the third Sunday of the month at 6:00 pm. Visit our Events page for upcoming Sacramentum services.

Ancient Prayers

When we pray using the Book of Common Prayer, we speak to God using words that were crafted by people of faith hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of years ago. At Sacramentum, we are able to enter into these prayers—perhaps for the first time, or discovering them afresh as they are presented in a different way.

New Music

At Sacramentum, we discover ancient prayers afresh through song. Rev. Michelle Baker-Wright writes much of the music for Sacramentum, or adapts and arranges hymn settings, often using words from the Book of Common Prayer and setting them to simple melodies that are easy to remember.

Contemplative Space

Many find Sacramentum to be a healing space to come, hear a meditation that is often based upon a particular work or works of visual art, and receive communion in preparation for the challenges that the next week will bring. There is the opportunity to receive prayer, or simply sit quietly and be undisturbed after the service ends.

For both newcomers and long-time members alike, Sacramentum is a space where many can find breathing room to pray in the midst of the fast-paced whirlwind that often describes life in Los Angeles.

Below, watch parishioner Lisa Cerrina's visual refection on “hope,” featured during the October 2017 service.