8:00 am • Eucharist

Main Sanctuary

A quiet Eucharistic service with no music for those seeking a time of contemplative worship.

10:10 am • Children’s Worship

Children’s Chapel

A short worship service designed for children to help nurture their spirituality and love for God.

10:15 am • Awaken! (September–May)

Guild Room

A service for 6th through 12th graders that incorporates music, art and multimedia to speak to tweens and teens.

10:15 am • Choral Eucharist

Main Sanctuary

A lively and family oriented Eucharistic service with choir, anthems, and rich, biblical preaching.


7:00 pm • Centering Prayer

Main Sanctuary

A form of silent prayer and meditation that is rooted in Christian tradition. No prior experience needed to join.


6:00 pm • Lectio Divina

Church Chancel

The men of the parish are invited to come to the church on Tuesday nights for a time of contemplative prayer and scriptural reflection. Lectio Divinia, or “Divine Reading,” is a meditative practice of sitting with God's word and letting it be opened to you in new and meaningful ways. Please join us as we gather in the church for this period of sacred listening and conversation.


6:00 pm • Healing Service

Main Sanctuary

An informal Eucharist with teaching, discussion, and prayer. Get to know others, and take part in prayer and anointing for your and others’ needs.


8:45 am • Bible Study & Eucharist

Main Sanctuary

Bible study followed by Holy Eucharist at 10:30 a.m. (in the church).