8:00 am • Eucharist

Main Sanctuary

A quiet Eucharistic service with no music for those seeking a time of contemplative worship.

10:10 am • Children’s Worship

Children’s Chapel

A short worship service designed for children to help nurture their spirituality and love for God.

10:15 am • Awaken! (September–May)

Guild Room

A service for 6th through 12th graders that incorporates music, art and multimedia to speak to tweens and teens.

10:15 am • Choral Eucharist

Main Sanctuary

A lively and family oriented Eucharistic service with choir, anthems, and rich, biblical preaching.


7:00 pm • Centering Prayer

Main Sanctuary

A form of silent prayer and meditation that is rooted in Christian tradition. No prior experience needed to join.


6:00 pm • Healing Service

Main Sanctuary

An informal Eucharist with teaching, discussion, and prayer. Get to know others, and take part in prayer and anointing for your and others’ needs.


8:45 am • Bible Study & Eucharist

Main Sanctuary

Bible study followed by Holy Eucharist at 10:30 a.m. (in the church).