Vestry Update on Rector Transition Process

  • Posted on
  • August 1, 2022

The process of finding a new rector will take place in three stages.

Parish Profile

The first stage is the development of a Parish Profile, which is currently being worked on by a Parish Profile Committee chaired by Marilyn Gray and Edward Martinez.

The Parish Profile Committee made a short presentation to the parish at the 10:15 am service on St. James’ Sunday (watch here) discussing the overall process and the announcement of a parish survey that will be used for the profile.

As a follow-up to the presentation made by the vestry, search, and profile committees, please complete the following survey to express your thoughts and opinions about the future rector of the parish. Please take a bit of time - perhaps 10 to 15 minutes - to provide your thinking and record your answers.

Search Process

After the Parish Profile Committee completes its work, the second stage will be the search process conducted by a Rector Search Committee. Allison Rector and Robert Drust have been appointed by the Vestry to chair the Rector Search Committee.

Review of Candidates

In the third step the Rector Search Committee will provide to the Vestry vetted candidates based on the information gathered from the Parish Profile. The Vestry will then interview, select and hire next St. James’ Rector.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please come to the presentation on July 31 or feel free to contact the Vestry.

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